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Within USA Call Toll Free: 1.877.588.0313


Oil Fields: We provide solutions to preventing wildlife mortality in oil field waste pits. Netting appears to be the most effective method of keeping birds, squirrels and other wildlife from entering waste pits.

Fish Hatcheries: Predation at Fish Hatcheries has increased over recent years for the industry. If there is a viable food source at the hatchery, the predators will establish populations there. American Netting offers a solution with their polypropylene knitted yarn netting. Netting installed over the outdoor hatchery ponds increases fish production and decreases the amount of fish predators found at the hatcheries.

Wineries: In areas with bird problems, birds may eat an entire fruit crop 3 to 4 years after planting. Properly installed netting gives much more protection than visual or noise scaring devices and saves growers the frustrations they can face protecting fields that are not netted.

Landfills: American Netting provides a pro-active solution to problems associated with landfills. Netting can be used to prevent trash from blowing away from landfills. A unique way to effectively battle the trash problem, netting is a cost-effective, fast resolution.

Netting for Oil Fields, Fish Hatcheries, Wineries, Landfills, Bird and Wildlife Protection


Birds and Wildlife: All wild birds (except pigeons, English sparrows and starlings) are protected by federal and state laws. You may not trap, kill or possess protected species without federal and state permits.

Before you take any action to protect your property, consider these questions:

Could netting hurt people, pets and other wildlife?
Will netting reduce or eliminate the damage?
Is netting worth the cost?

A safe, economical and humane way to prevent birds and wildlife from raiding your crops or creating unhealthy roosting areas is to properly install netting, designed to your specifications, by American Netting, LLC. Our Environmental netting is ideal for commercial buildings, overpasses and parking garages where swallows can become a threat to health.

Have you ever been frustrated by deer that have decided to make a meal out of your flowers, garden or fruit-filled orchard? It only takes one deer invasion to destroy what you have nurtured with many hours of labor and significant sums of money. Our polypropylene knitted yarn netting is extremely effective in excluding deer from areas that need protection. The flexibility of our netting prevents injury to wildlife while protecting your property.

Environmentally conscious applications: Offering covers for hazardous waste dumps, cyanide ponds and landfills protects our environment and offers solutions to control damage to wildlife.

Poultry Pens: Our netting provides a solution to your poultry farm investments by offering netting over chicken, pheasant and quail pens. Netting has been used in many commercial hunting farms to provide a safe and secure way to protect young birds while they are farmed for the hunters.

Vegetable and Fruit Gardens: Whether you seek personal or commercial protection for your fruits and vegetables, our netting can provide a smart solution to protect your investment while protecting wildlife!

American Netting, LLC offers it's 100% polypropylene knitted environmental netting at the lowest cost on the market today. No other netting has a longer field life or lower price. There is no fabrication required with our netting; we deliver all netting in one piece, ready to install. It will not rust or mildew and is resistant to static electricity.

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